Public Classes

Intense Movement has partnered with:

Prima Elements, Holistic Wellness Center; 124 Anderson St., Fayetteville

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Exclusive Class Offerings Descriptions

Wind it Down Wednesday

For women only.

An eclectic mix of belly dancing, Caribbean and tribal movement that is design to strengthen the core, liberate spirit, and empower the feminine energy.

Dance & Drum

A bi-weekly class that meets on Thursday at 7 pm.

January 4th & 15th

February 1st, 15th

March 1st, 15th, 29th

Tribal movement and drop in drummers are welcome.

Prima Elements Workshop & Specialty Class Descriptions & Event Links

Gestation Chakra Balancing

On Saturday January 13, 2018:

Our energy centers can be blocked or overactive in ways that interfere with our evolution. This workshop is designed to educate you about your chakras (energy center), how to determine which ones need attention, and what yoga posture will help bring your chakra into alignment in order for you to live an active expression of your truest self.

During this workshop you will experience:
1. A discussion about the seven main chakras (plus one), their functions, and what balances them.
2. Practical application of the yoga postures that will assist you with balancing your chakras.

Gestation Chakra Balancing Workshop (Facebook) Link

Gestation Chakra Balancing Workshop (Eventbrite) Link

Drum Circle
First Saturday‘s

January 6th, February 3rd, and March 3rd

Fayetteville has a lasting tradition of drumming.  This is an open invitation to the drummer in you.  Come out and jump upon the riddum’ with us!

 Donation are welcomed but not required.

Note:  The rest of the links for the Workshops will be posted on this page for you to purchase your tickets soon.

If you would like for our passionate and dynamic Instructor to teach classes in your studio or conduct workshops please go to the ‘Contact’ section and send us a message.